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Terra Meera seeks to nurture a space of freedom where modes of thinking can be stretched and redefined. It is through imagination that we can travel unexplored lands, truly discover and unearth stories. Terra Meera believes that art develops and carries new languages that can help see and experience the invisible poetry weaving our world. Terra Meera wishes to support local and international artists through various projects, art residencies and partnerships that investigate our relationship to ourselves and our natural environment. In doing so, Terra Meera aspires to become a space for conversation, cultural exchange and experimentation. Once the basic infrastructure is built we shall open our Art residency programme.


For two months in 2020, our Art Director Taïs Bean (Visual Artist) and Ashen Page (Filmmaker) experimented with a first art residency pilot. Their main focus was to engage with the land and local community. They collaborated on various projects such as small documentaries and sculptures.


We will be showcasing their final works soon.

In the meantime, here is a beautiful short documentary by Ashen Page about our dear neighbour. "Vesa" was beautifully shot by Ashen on an early September morning.

"Vesa", 2020, Ashen Page

Background art work by Taïs Bean

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