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Island Radelj is a very special place on Earth, close to Irena’s heart. It is a tiny unpopulated island (its coastline is only 3.5 km long) where Irena inherited an olive groove from her grandparents. This is the place where she fully reconnects with her grandmother’s heritage and where she built her own  retreat. Sitting alone in a bay, the place has been designed to live in harmony with its natural surroundings. There lie two small houses amidst the olive trees. Rainwater is collected and the sun is used to provide light and electricity. She has been designed to nourish the body and soul.

Her olives are hand picked and taken to the local cold-press olive oil factory. She is simple and discreet, yet incredibly powerful in her silent presence. Due to her healing powers, we have guarded her secretly for a long time as a precious pearl that we shared only with family and friends. We are now happy to ‘bring’ her to the world and guests to Terra Meera are usually taken for a special full day visit. In special cases when only 3-4 people are involved an overnight stay can be arranged (the maximum accommodation capacity is 4-5 people). Located near Irena’s native village of Murter, at the gateway to the National Park of Kornati archipelago, Radelj is accessed by a boat ride of 10 minutes and half an hour car ride from Terra Meera. 

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